Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lo-Fi @ Common

Had a great time at Lo-Fi at Common in Manchester with the gals (and guys) from the Manchester Craft Mafia today.  It was my first time and I wasn't disappointed.  There was a lot going on from great food and wine, followd by Show & Tell, the Christmas Decoration competition, Secret Santa (my prize was a fab handmade chopping board for veggies...most apt...and I'm very impressed with it.  The gift I brought was one of my new cute doggy brooches with a wooly scarf and went to a very lovely lady, who I think had brought the gorgeous candle, my daughter received.  The Christmas Quiz which our team won (yay), was helped I thinkthat our age groups age span was prtty varied.  We all won some yummy chocs. It was lovely to meet some new people, Nerissa and Cherry who were in out quiz team. Really tired now so that'll be good night from me!

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