Sunday, 22 September 2013

It's been a while...

...since I last posted on my blog. 
I've had a lot going on and I've needed a bit of a break. 
I've actually not been making any beads or jewellery but I have been:
*Being mum
*Running my craft group
*Doing lots of art journaling and learning to express myself in art
*Watching lots of You Tube videos: mostly the beautiful and lovely Jennibellie and Willowing who are truly inspirational and you must watch them too.
*Chilling out
*Learning to Crochet
*Creating a "garden"in my back yard
*De-cluttering the house
*Nothing work related
*Trying to find out "who I am"

Anyway, what all this means is I have been actively trying to be positive choices and to help myself to feel better about life, the universe and everything...and most of all ME!!!

So I think I'll just post a few photos of things I've been doing.

The Healing Process - finding out who I am

Trying to sort through life is very complicated...but throwing in some beautiful flowers helps.

Creating backgrounds for my "Counting my Blessings" mini journal

Our garden is growing...the fence, gate and planter were made from recycling a bunk bed and some cheap old shelf unit.

I learnt to weave on a square and triangular loom.  I also learnt to crochet, which I'm pretty addicted to!

One of the projects we did in my craft group.

Week 1 of Willowing's "Art, Heart & Healing" Workshop...I am so pleased with it, I have submitted it into my town's "People's Art" exhibition.  It's been an ambition of mine for x number of years!

The first page of my "Counting My Blessings" Mini Journal

Portrait of my lovely mum! :(

The last pages of my "CMB" journal.

A work in progress

Portrait of my daughters' friend...she has such a beautiful face.

I had a go at needle felting today at my sister's Spinners and Weavers group.  I contributed two of these holly berries that was part of a large piece that is going to be exhibited at a big's top secret so I'm only showing a tiny bit of it.  (I think it's so that Kirsty Allsop can't see what the competition is!!!)

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