Friday, 28 March 2014

In The Studio

I thought I'd blog about what's going on in my studio at the moment.  
Due to a bereavement and ill health, it's been over a year since I was up there (it's in my attic, by the way) and after a good tidy up a few weeks ago, I'm back creating.  I've not made any new beads yet, but I had quite a considerable stash which I'm working my way through and in doing so I'm starting to get ideas for new beads, pendants and brooches.  
It's all quite exciting really.

I'm having a real love affair with bronze and brass components.  I love them.  They give a real vintage feel to my jewellery and compliment my beads really well.  (Although some beads do look better with silver findings!)  I've gone back to my roots a bit too and have been stringing my beads with seed bead necklaces. Rather than finding it monotonous and time consuming, I've really found the counting of  tiny beads between the larger space beads to be very therapeutic.  A little bit how knitting and crochet relaxes me and gives me time to think and meditate. I also like using eyepins and a variety of spacer beads with my own beads to make little elements that I join together with jump rings. 

My tip of the day, which I have tried and tested is this:  

Always leave something unfinished on your work bench.  

I find that when I return and finishing it off, by the time it's done my mind is back in creative work mode and I am thinking and raring to go on my next project.  It works everytime!  
Consquently, my work bench is a bit of a clutter because I usually think up and prepare quite a few new projects while I'm finishing the one off...especially when I'm making earrings.

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