Monday, 7 April 2014

Essential State of the Art Roller Tool

Today, I've mostly been making pendants, canes, beads, brooches, keyrings...oh you name it...I've made it! The only thing was, I couldn't find my roller tool to smooth out the polymer clay when it comes out of the pasta machine!  I tried a plastic bead tube, but it didn't really do the job very well as it was quite narrow.  Then I got to thinking that when I first started using polymer clay a million years ago...well, 30...which is almost as long... I used to use a hairspray can!  It was back in the 80's and I had BIG hair, so hairspray can's were in abundance.  It's not the 80's now and I don't have big hair (though I wish I had!) but the nearest round thing I could find in the attic (which is my studio) was this........

Essential State of the Art Roller Tool

which is now my Essential State of the Art Roller Tool!!!
It's's smooth, it's washable, it's got a handle in the right place and I can drink a brew from it!!!
It's even got a warning message on it, in case anyone tries to steal it!!!

And here's a sneak preview of what I've made today

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