Friday, 25 April 2014

Setting up Stall

It's always a challenge when you arrive at an event and find that the space provided isn't a conventional 6' trestle....and I think that's a good thing!!!  At last Saturday's event, I had two cafe tables pushed together and I quite liked having that extra depth to fill with bits and pieces.  Tonight I shared a very large table with a lovely lady (was she called Sally? Aaaagh...I have a rubbish memory these days) and her fabulous hand knitted goods! Well, this is what I did with a large square at the Stitched Up "Meet the Makers" event.  I don't think I did a bad job with it, but I really do think it's a good idea to take photographs of your stall as you can see better what stands out and what doesn't and where you can improve to display your stock better.  It's funny, how the size and shape of your display space can make such a difference. 

Anyway, I had a brilliant time tonight and met some lovely ladies.

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