Sunday, 20 April 2014

This Week's Events!!!

Had a great time at Wythenshawe Park yesterday with the Manchester Craft Mafia but it was soooo cold, fortunately the cafe was on hand with cheese panini's and hot tea!!! 
It was lovely to catch up with some of the other stall holders, we had such a laugh.

Well, I have two more events this week.
The first one is on Thursday (24th April) with the lovely ladies at Stitched Up at their shop in Chorlton, Manchester.  
I've not been to their shop before, although I seem to recall we have been at the same events, 
so I'm really looking forward to it.  
It starts at 7pm and I'll be there with my jewellery stall until 10pm, so why not come along.

My other event is at Hare Hill House in Littleborough on Saturday (26th April).
I'm really looking forward to being there, as I used to work in the library there, over 20 years ago, and have many happy memories. Also, I'll be meeting lots of  lovely ladies and seeing all their creative wonderment, whom I've recently discovered on facebook!  I was absent from my local crafting community for most of last year, when I wasn't feeling too good and on my return have found a whole host of creativity in our midst!
So exciting!

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