Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ladies Pamper Evening

Well, considering it's only been a week since I came out of hospital, maybe I shouldn't have done this event.  But I managed to get plenty of rest in between and got to sit down a fair amount and it was a remarkably laid back affair.   I was amazed at how the main hall at Horse Carrs had been transformed by indoor gazebos and hanging banners from the ceiling to create little treatment rooms.  It made it all so cosy and inviting and the aroma of essential oils and scented candles drew you in.  Everyone who attended seemed to have a lovely time and at £4 that included refreshments and a treatment it was very good value.
I had my jewellery on display and I sold some of my new pieces, but never got to use my new Intuit Pay card machine as everyone had cash.  Ah well, shouldn't complain really.  
Typically, I forgot to take a photo of my stall AND my Knit-In Workshop that you can read more about here,  I'm such a dope.  
However, here's a photo of my newly decorated hand wrist which was done by a local Mehndi Artist Madiha (link to follow). It's so beautiful and intricate and I'm really inspired to try some of these designs within my jewellery making. 

And here it is the morning after, with the dried henna removed and I'm left with a  lovely henna "tattoo". 
 The more I look at it, the more I can envisage a whole new collection of jewellery based on this experience. 
How exciting!!! 

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