Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Busyness not business!!!

Hello lovely people who read my blog.  Sorry, it's been ages since my last post.....
but I've been mad busy with stuff!  
What stuff?  
Well, I had a little trip to Wales, with my youngest daughter to stay with my sister who lives there and we had a reunion with my cousin from Australia, who I've not seen since I was 5.  That was fab! We went to Tenby and to Abaraeron where all the houses are painted in gorgeous colours.  
I've actually made some beads based on these, 
but you'll have to wait to see what I'm going to do with them.

I went to see my belovéd Kate Bush and had a fab time in London. Here I am at the Apollo.  
This seemed to be the done thing for all Kate fans, to do a self
ie with the Before The Dawn signage. Anway, I can't express in words how wonderful she was, but she didn't disappoint...she was so worth the 35 year wait!!! 

We went to see the show of The Commitments too, that was really good too, as was the Egyptian collection at the British Museum.  I think I could literally spend days in there.  There was so much to be had in way of inspiration...hopefully new Egyptian-style beads!!!

So then I've had to move my eldest daughter back to Uni, I've had a mad health scare, less said about that the better...a day trip to Aberystwyth University with my son for the Open Day (what a loooooooong drive!) and also...

I've had the privilege to talk about being a woman in business with some lovely ladies who are doing start up business courses with a local group called ReStore.  I've met two different lots of ladies now and it's been really nice to meet with them and hear about their new business ideas.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how these ideas grow and how they progress. When they've finished their course it is hoped that they will be paired with a local successful business woman who they can meet with for a few months, whom can act as a mentor to them....a "Biz Buddy".  It's been really exciting as I came up with the initial Biz Buddy idea and a little booklet to go with it and ReStore have got the funding to implement it for these ladies...and get the booklet printed.  It's at the printers now, so I'm really looking forward to seeing my idea in print.

Unfortunately, all this busyness has meant not much actual business, so I'm afraid there's nothing in my online shop at the moment, but if you're local, my jewellery is on sale at Touchstones, Rochdale and Fresh From The Studio in Littleborough and I will be at various events over the next few weeks, which you will see if you click on the Events page.

Oh...and it's Craft Group on Friday at Open Door if you want to come along and make some lovely felt Christmas decorations.  See the facebook event page here!!!

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