Sunday, 23 November 2014

North West Women's Enterprise Day

Thank you 
to all the lovely ladies I met on Friday and especially to all of you who made a purchase. I really do appreciate it.  It was particularly nice to meet Diane and her amazing photographs, Laura and her amusing Dominic Cumberband.....nooo, I always get it wrong...obviously it's...Benedict Cumberbatch cards and Dawn from Dance Syndrome.
I had a wonderful time and so did Julie, my lovely assistant for the day and my gorgeous friend Lindsey from Violet Flamingo, who also had a stall there 
and whom made my beautiful dress.  

Here's a photo of my stall from that day 
and below some photos from other events.  
As I've not yet been able to add anything to my online shop yet, 
if there's anything you can see that you would like to purchase, 
just let me know and we can sort something out!

My music stand display




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