Saturday, 7 March 2015

Post International Women's Day Thoughtlets

Yesterday, I was very honoured to represent Rochdale Borough Women's Enterprise Network (RBWEN) as part of the Blue Orchid International Women's Day event.  When I was asked to speak, I could have agreed to tell the story of my self-employment journey, but the last time I did that it took me 35 minutes with a full power point presentation complete with photos of my hair-do's over the years, doodles and a comedy stand-up routine that (in my dreams) Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican would be proud of...and they only give me 10 minutes!!! So .... instead of bigging up my own business, I once again opted to promote RBWEN and in all my nervousness I even forgot to mention the name of my business,  though I did a great job of mentioning everyone else's  (actually, now I remember I said "...I just make beads!")  A lovely lady, did approach me at lunch time and asked me what my web address was and I got very confused and told her the RBWEN one...but no, she actually meant THIS one.  Aaaahhh!!!  So from now on...big kick up the backside and I'm going to start promoting myself.

So ... if by any chance you have stumbled upon my website/blog from my very garbled description of how I could be found, or if you have indeed gone into Fresh From The Studio and found my jewellery there...thank you so much for taking the trouble to find me.  I really do appreciate it and just so you know...I don't just make beads.... :)

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