Sunday, 26 April 2015

Free Art Friday Finds

It was very exciting to get involved with Free Art Friday with the Manchester Craft Mafia, I filled three bags with Beads From The Art Goodies.  One bag was given to another Mafia member to leave somewhere and the two others I left at Horse Carrs Coffee Shop (one outside and one inside) so I could watch what happened.

Anyway, commiserations to the three ladies who picked one up outside Horse Carrs, read the label, passed it back and forth and then put it back...your loss!  There was no really was FREE!!!

However, well done to the ladies who did find the bags.
They were thrilled with the earrings and pendant.

elsewhere in Manchester. one of my bags was found here

by this little chap and his mum

and look what was in it.

They posted their photos to the Manchester Craft Mafia facebook page and were really pleased.
Have a look at the map on the Mafia website to see where all the other members packages were found.

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