Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Creative Gene

Sorry, I've not posted much about making beads and jewellery lately, I've been busy doing other projects....such as my craft group and making bits and pieces in felt and also....woodworking.  I am lucky enough to come from a very creative family.  My mum was an amazing seamstress, knitter and baker and my dad could make anything out of wood or metal.  You could usually find my dad in his shed making something.  I used to spend hours when I was a child watching him and he taught me how to use the tools, though apart from putting together flat packed furniture over the years I've not really done any woodworking.

Well, I've been coveting this kitchen island from Ikea must be years. But at £200 it's beyond my budget. 
I've been trawling ebay and second hand shops for something similar or even a sideboard that I could upcycle....but everything's been either too expensive...or a bit smelly!  So, I took a good look at this thing and hard can it be? 

So I started planning and hunting round the house for what I could use.  Now, being a crafter and loving abit of eco-crafting I tend to store things away just in case they can be used.  I'm not very good at throwing things can guarantee that the minute after you've chucked something you need it.  
So this is what I found that I could use:
  • 2 large solid wooded shelves that were in the bargain section of Ikea a number of years ago that I got for a tenner, thinking they would come in useful one day and they've been stored in my under stairs cupboard gathering dust.
  • Some pieces of old bunk bed (the rest of it made a garden gate, a fence and a planter in my back yard)
  • Screws from the same bunk bed
  • a couple of pieces of wood that were the packaging when I got a new washing machine
  • some wooden drawers my dad made when he made our family kitchen in the 60s and my brother was going to throw a way when he put in a new kitchen
  • a large broken mirror that had a solid wooden back
  • a tin of primer and a tin of antique white gloss left over from when I redecorated my living room
Well, that was a good start! There were a few things that I didn't have and so I bought:
  • some heavy duty castors off Amazon (two with brakes and they all swivelled) @ £12
  • 2 wooden fence posts from B and Q ( you have no idea how hard it is to find chunky wood!) @ £16
  • a piece of hardboard @ £3
  • some right angled metal brackets (B and Q wanted over a £1 just for one!  I got 20 for about £3 off ebay)
So I've got all my supplies, I've got the now I just have to build it.  I had a rough idea what to do and the size of it basically was dictated by the size of the shelves which were going to be the counter top...anyway, my design kind of just evolved.  Whenever I got stuck at the next stage, I went to bed and fell asleep thinking about how I would do it and the next morning I'd wake up and I knew what I was going to do.  It was really bizarre, but maybe my dad, even though he's not with us anymore, had a hand in it.  I've never made tenon joints before, but somehow I knew how to do them and they all came out perfectly...though it was quite hard work and very noisy.

I used the back of the old mirror as the bottom shelf, I cut slots out of the post for it to sit in.  When I fastened the castors to the bottom of the post I wanted one of the screws to go right through the shelf as well to keep it secure.  Worked a treat.

 I used the slats off an old bunk bed as a shelf.  Here I was laying them out to see how much I needed to saw off.

After this, the rest of it just seemed to fit together perfectly.  My dad had made the drawers so that they had extra wood at the sides to glide in and out of their original cupboard.  That made them too wide to fit in mine, so I sawed off the excess wood and they fitted perfectly.  In fact, they look like they were made for it.

So this is the finished kitchen island trolley ... I like it even more than the Ikea one....I think my dad would be proud of me!

 And you know how much it cost me to make....£35!!!!  How amazing is that???

and I wanted baskets to sit on the slatted shelf.  I trawled the internet but it was really difficult to find the size I needed or at a price I could afford....baskets are really expensive.  In the end I was passing Dunelm, so thought I'd stop by and have a look in there.  Not only did I find these baskets which fit perfectly, but they were half price in the sale and cost only £3.99 each!  I also got a roll of clear rubber drawer liner which I'm going to use on the bottom shelf to put my pans on, that was just £3.

So the grand total of my kitchen island trolley came to.....ta daaaa.....£50!!!!

So when I'm not making beads...I'm a woodworker.  Woodworking is my thing now.